Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5 Ways To Stay Active This Summer

Not all of us have time to go to the gym, so I've rounded up 5 ways to stay active without going to the gym. All of these activities can be done at your house or around town.

Go for a run! Running is a great cardio workout, helps relieve stress, improves your health, and much more! Since I run cross country for my high school, I run all the time. I usually run 6 out of 7 days. It's always good to take a day off to rest your body. If you are new to running, start off walking then start running towards the end of your walk. Keep up with this routine everyday, and make your walking time shorter and running time longer.

We all swim in the summer, so why not make it a workout? When you're at a pool do a couple of laps. If you're at the beach swim to a sandbar or somewhere else close by. Just doing these little things while swimming will give you a good workout!

Take a bike ride around your town or neighborhood. You can go with a group of friends or with your family to make the bike ride more fun. You don't have to bike like a professional to get a good workout in, just bike at a medium pace for more than a mile.

Play Sports
You don't have to be apart of a team to play sports. All you have to do is get together with a group of friends and organize a game of basketball or another sport you like to play. Playing sports are a great way to stay active while having fun!

Pokemon GO
Yes, I did put an game app as a way to stay active this summer! I recently started playing it with my friends and let me tell you, it's a workout! We walked all around the park looking for Pokemon for hours! I never thought I would walk that much playing a game on my phone. Don't worry if you have no idea what Pokemon is because when I started I knew nothing about it and still know nothing about it, but I still have so much fun doing it! I would definitely recommend playing this game to stay active this summer.

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