Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Birthday Recap

I'm finally 16! I can't believe it! My 16th birthday is a birthday I will never forget.

One of my birthday presents was concert tickets to see Twenty One Pilots with my best friend. Our parents surprised us with the tickets in the beginning of June for the concert which was in the middle of the month. Both of our birthdays are in July, so the tickets and concert were an early birthday present. It was the best concert ever!

On my actual birthday I got my driver's license! I was so nervous I was going to fail at the parking, but somehow I passed with only hitting one cone! At least it was a cone and not a car! After I got my license we went to the beach. I expected the water to be freezing, but it was really warm. My sister and I stayed in the water forever!
The rest of my birthday consisted of a nacho bar, cake and ice cream, and presents! You will definitely see some of my gifts in upcoming blog posts.  

Thanks for reading!

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